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KEAM Engineering Allotment Process takes off


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Kerala: Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, Kerala, has notified the second phase of allotments to Professional Degree Courses for 2011, including the first round allotments to Engineering, reports Mathrubhumi. The activities related to the second phase commenced at the official website: http://www.cee.kerala.gov.in/keam2011/main/index.php?dstr=15

This phase will include the second allotment to Government Medical Colleges and first allotment to other courses which include the BDS in Government Dental Colleges, BTech/B.Arch in Government/Aided/KAU Engineering Colleges, Govt. Controlled Self-financing Engineering Colleges, Engineering Colleges and Self financing Colleges controlled by Universities and Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges who have entered into agreement with Government, BHMS in Government/Aided Homoeo Colleges, B Sc Agriculture and BSc Forestry in the Colleges under Kerala Agricultural University, B.VSc & AH in Colleges under Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University and Bachelor of Fisheries Sciences in the College under Kerala University for Fisheries & Ocean Studies.

Allotment to BAMS/BSMS in Government/Aided/Private Self financing Ayurveda/Siddha Colleges will be done only on receipt of permission to these courses from the Central Council for Indigenous Medicine (CCIM).

Candidates included in the various rank lists can register their options at www.cee.kerala.gov.in till 5 pm on 12.08.2011. Candidates who do not register their options will not be considered for allotment under any circumstances. ‘Option Facilitation Centres’ [OFC] and ‘Help Desks’ [HD], having internet facility, will be functioning throughout the State during this period for registration of options by the candidates. The details of such centers are available at www.cee-kerala.org.

A trial Allotment will be announced on 10.08.2011. The Second phase of allotment will be announced on 16.08.2011. Those allotted to all courses have to remit fees at selected branches of State Bank of Travancore (SBT) between 17.08.2011 and 19.08.2011. Candidates allotted to MBBS/BDS courses have to join the colleges on 18.08.2011 or 19.08.2011.

Those who had registered options for MBBS in Government Medical Colleges during the first phase of allotment can re-arrange their existing options and register new options for the colleges/courses included in the second phase of allotment.

Those desirous of allotment/admission to Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges can seek only up to 3 allotments. Those who are allotted to Private Self-financing Engineering colleges during the final allotment to these institutions will not be eligible for any other higher options. Those who get allotment in the Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges in the final allotment to these colleges shall join the college. Candidates who get allotment to these Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges in the final allotment to these institutions, who do not remit fee, and those who remit fees and eventually do not take admission will be penalized as per Clause 12.2.4 (c) of the Prospectus. Hence candidates shall file options only to those institutions/courses where they are sure to take admission in the event of allotment.

In the case of the Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges with Community/Registered Trust/Registered Society quota, out of the 50% Government seats, 15% will be allotted to eligible candidates belonging to the Community/Registered Trust/Registered Society, on the basis of merit. If enough number of candidates is not available to this quota, the balance seats will be reverted back to State Merit quota. In such institutions, the remaining Government seats will be allotted by the CEE as per the reservation pattern applicable in Govt./Govt.-Aided Colleges. Separate notification for furnishing certificates for availing Community/Registered Trust/Registered Society quota will be issued in due course.

In the case of Self-financing Engineering Colleges under Government control and in Self-financing Engineering Colleges under Kerala, Mahatma Gandhi and Calicut Universities, 35% of the seats under Management quota also will be allotted by the CEE. The CEE will allot only 25% of the seats under Management quota, in the case of SCT College of Engineering, Pappanamcode, Thiruvananthapuram. Allotment to these seats will be strictly on the basis of merit.

Government/Aided Engineering Colleges: Rs 6,200/-
B.Tech (Agriculture Engineering): Rs.2,520/-
B.Tech (Food Engineering)-Self-financing Course: Rs. 26,500/- (Semester Tuition fee)

Self-financing Colleges under the control of Government/Universities:
Government seats – Rs.20, 000/-; Management seats- Rs.65,000/-
Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges- Rs.60,000/- (Tuition fees: Rs.35,000 + Special fees: Rs.25,000)

BDS: Government Dental Colleges- Rs.23,000/-
BHMS: Government/Aided Homoeo Colleges: Rs.2,087/-
B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture and B.Sc (Hons.) Forestry:Rs.2,125/-
B.VSc & AH- Rs.10,000/- (Semester Tuition fee)
B.Tech (Dairy Science & Technology)- Rs.3,100/- (Semester Tuition fee)
B.FSc: Rs.2,125/-

Fee concession in Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges: There will be fee concession in those Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges that have entered into seat sharing agreement with Government. Half the number of candidates allotted by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations in each course to these institutions, with low annual family income will be eligible to study for a tuition fee of Rs.35,000/-. The rank/category will not be a criterion for selection of these candidates. Those candidates who are eligible for fee concession such as SC/ST/OEC/other fee concession/AICTE Tuition Fee Waiver will not be considered for this fee concession.

The selection of candidates for this fee concession will be made only after the closure of allotment/admission in these colleges. Hence all candidates who receive allotment in these institutions will have to remit an amount of Rs.60,000/- as tuition fee initially. The excess amount remitted will be refunded to them on receipt of fee concession. The tuition fees for all Government seats in Sarabai Institute of Science & Technology, Vellanad, Thiruvananthapuram will be only Rs.35,000/-.

Caution Deposit: Candidates allotted under SC/ST/OEC Community category and those having benefit as per G.O. (MS) 25/2005/SCSTDD, dated 20.06.2005, have to remit caution deposit of Rs.1,000/- in case of Engineering and Rs.100/- for Other Courses, as token of accepting the allotment.

Those getting allotment are liable to remit the fee fixed by the Fee Regulatory Committee if the fee fixed on the basis of agreement between Government and Self-financing Managements is not approved by the Hon’ble Court or any competent authority.

Government have reserved 3 seats under Ex-service (XS); 6 under Serving Defence personnel (SD), 2 under Dependents of Defence Personnel Killed/Missed/Disabled in action (DK) and 1 under NCC (CC) category as ‘Special Reservation Seat’ in Government Sponsored Self-financing Engineering Colleges. Details are available in Annexure IX of the Notification at the allotment site.

Details of the Colleges included in the allotment are also available in the Notification at http://www.cee.kerala.gov.in/keam2011/main/index.php?dstr=15


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